Dr. Sarkar Lab : BioMedical Acoustics and Complex fluids

Drug Delivery

drug-deliveryThe objective of the modern medicine is an early cost-effective accurate diagnosis of a disease, and its quick remediation with minimum side effects. Our collaborative research with Profssor Mallik of NDSU Pharmacy investigates a novel methodology using liposomes coupled with a noninvasive ultrasound mediated control and property detremination. The lipsome can contain various biomaterials such as fluorescent dyes, enzyme inhibitors, anti-cancer drugs, magnetic resonance contrast agents etc. depending on the intended use of the system. Mallik (co-PI) is an expert in designing small peptide molecules with specific chemical signature and synthesizing liposomes that are able to act as synthetic antibodies—preferentially attaches to target proteins—and deliver drugs. Currently, we are developing echogenic liposomes (ELIPs) which trap air and have peptidated domains that are recognized and cleaved by specific enzymes. They can be used for concurrent ultrasound imaging and targeted drug delivery. Our lab is characterizing their acoustic response and ultrasound mediated release properties to optimize their applications.