2022 Summer internship success

This summer the Sarkar Lab hosted Madeline Feldner, a local high school student from Holton-Arms School, for a science internship. During her time with our lab, she learned about acoustic signal processing and biomaterial characterization techniques, impressing us with her ability to quickly learn and communicate about new topics. Here's what Madeline shared about her experience:

"The biggest takeaway I had from my time spent at GW was how interdisciplinary scientific research is. To make any grand discovery or application, a research scientist must be resilient to grasp a certain degree of knowledge in all scientific disciplines. Alongside that, I learned the importance of repeatability and the importance of “valid” trials to minimize errors. The opportunity to come into GW everyday and immerse myself in the lives of the experimental and computational sides of scientific research was amazing!"

We wish Madeline all the best as she completes her senior year and prepares to attend Columbia University in Fall 2023. We are very proud of her and can't wait to see what her future holds!

Photo: Madeline Feldner (L) with Megan Anderson (R) who served as her primary mentor in the lab.